Connect with our Ministers

This website features Ordained Ministers from all over the world who have gone through Impact Ministries International’s rigorous ordination process, along with their message, story, testimonials, and even photos from missions trips or special ministry events.

Some of these IMI Ministers are ready and willing to come to you and teach, minister, speak, preach, and prophesy based on their particular gifts and calling, and the need that you have. Visit our Agency website here to book an IMI Minister.

Enjoy your visit here. If you find information that is out-dated or incorrect, please contact our web master who responds weekly to these requests.

2 thoughts on “Connect with our Ministers

  1. Just wondering… every year I renew my ordination status and it’s good ’til Dec. 31st… this year says it expires Sept. 2014… what should I do? Also, please change my Email to: and my cell ph# is 715.554.4660 … I have no web site, but personal and ministry FB: “Mary Haupt Hibbard”… thx and God Bless! Rev. Mary Ann Hibbard

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