Rev. Elaine Averill holds Faith-Based EAP based Leadership training with Erl & Christy Morrell-Stinson

Aerial view of Blanchardville

Aerial view of Blanchardville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your first visit to Unbridled Faith Farm in Blanchardville, Wisconsin will have you holding your breath at the stunning glory of high rolling hills, forests, rivers and streams. And that’s before you walk into the first class horse stables, indoor arena, spacious training center, bunk house, “family room” and kitchen — all overlooking the entire Blanchardville region from one of the highest hills in the area.

Next you are greeted by the barn manager and other staff working hard to keep everything in order and on track.

Two adorable mini horses Itsy and Bisty play among the full size mares Charlie and Legacy, typically in the big grassy pasture outside.

By now you’ve probably got a cup of tea or coffee, and you sit down in the nicely decorated training center, for the opening of the seminar you came for. You’re learning about Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosophy, and you’re in for a personal breakthrough or two before the weekend is out.

Soon you enter the arena with 10-12 or more other people in quiet wonder as you walk through a simple exercise that provides you with profound insights about yourself, about human nature, about truth and honesty, and about your relationship with God’s Holy Spirit.

You’ll be stretched in new ways, and you’ll build deep relationships with the other people you’re working with. You’ll learn a lot about team work, communication, your own leadership style, and your authenticity. The horses will react to you in complete honesty and unconditional love, helping you see yourself in a gentle and transparent way. You’ll experience unexpected healing and joy.

That was the case again this past weekend as Rev. Elaine Averill (ordained minister with IMI) presented the first in the Leadership Series Stable Guide for Faith-Based EAP, “Building Stellar Influence”, along with special guest facilitators, Erl & Christy Morrell-Stinson, also ordained ministers with IMI. With a dozen people in attendance, it was a powerful time in the Lord, further blessed by Loren Loving who led us in worship and prayer, and Jane Baker who provided wellness training and delicious + nutritious meals throughout the weekend.

The next  in the Leadership Series seminars is coming up June 15th: learn more here: