Long Overdue Announcements of Ordination of IMI Ministers

Grace and peace to all of the sons and daughters of the King,

It has been a very long time since any announcements have been made on this site about newly ordained ministers.  The last posts I see on the site welcoming newly ordained ministers were from a year and a half ago, when the Merzes were ordained [Hello, Nathan.]  This is Pastor Matthew Goers, the IMI Regional Coordinator for the state of Minnesota and stepping into the new role of reviewing and recommending new ordination for approval and of maintaining the IMI Ministers’ List.  Thank you to Pastor Steve Stauffacher and his staff at Capitoland Christian Center in Madison for their work in this role in the past.  Please bear with me as I attempt to bring the forms, lists, and other communication on this site up to current information.  I will note here that any ordained IMI ministers who read this should check their information on the IMI Minister Contact List and send any updates to the woefully out-of-date list by text to 651-260-7045, call me at the same number, or email me at matthewgoers@msn.com.  Or Facebook Messenger. Or telegraph or carrier pigeon or smoke signals or semaphore or cuneiform on clay tablets stored in an earthen pot … just let me know.

And with that, allow me to list off and publicly congratulate, bless, and send prayers of grace and empowerment to the many IMI ministers who have been ordained in the past year and a half.  They are:

 Also in April 2013: Darlene Magby of Platteville, WI

May 2013: Laura Diehl of Janesville, WI;   Philip Lang of Grasston, MN;   James and Lyn Moomey of Greenfield, WI; Gerald (Dean) Goosen, Sr. of Brainerd, MN;   Shawn Hart of Monmouth, IL;   Rick and Violeta Beal of Macomb, IL

July 2013: Chad Weidenbacher of Sioux Falls, SD;   Bob and Betty Moede of Oquawka, IL

August 2013: Michael Lee of Springfield, IL;  Douglas, Sr. and Liana Holt of Columbus, NE;   R. Elizabeth Hanson of Ladysmith, WI

September 2013: Dr. David and Jean Schmidt of Scandia, MN

October 2013: Gary Couch of Riverside, CA;   Emmanuel Baba-Lola of Rochester, MN (by way of Balrothery, Ireland, by way of Nigeria);   Susan Fuller of Sullivan, IL;   Mark Uhrich, Sr. of Sioux Falls, SD;   DJ Christofferson of Hartland, WI

November 2013: Elaine Taylor of Brooklyn Park, MN

December 2013: Gregory (Turk) and Pamela Townsend- Schmieder of Loganville, WI

January 2014: Mark and Leasa Hundt of Ft. Madison, IA;   Josephine (Pina) Hipp of Mooresville, NC;   Corey Kramer of (at the time) Lonsdale, MN;   John and Heather Roberts of Somonauk, IL

February 2014: Curtis Kettner of Belvidere, IL;    Erik and Hannah (Emily) Kallio of Willmar, MN;   David and Suzana Chacon of Aurora, IL

March 2014: Brian Linkous of Ellijay, GA;   Dennis Salter of Waupaca, WI;   Katina Lazardes of Wales, WI;   Lee and Cheryl Kennedy of Edgerton, WI

May 2014: Bette Salter of Waupaca, WI;   David Paul Waite of West Des Moines, IA

June 2014: Robert Rosten of International Falls, MN;   Linda Boese of Oskaloosa, IA;   Joshua Otte of Columbus, NE

July 2014: Sharon Knuth of Elroy, WI

September 2014: Joshua Sheldon of Pipestone, MN;   Nancy Nygaard of Scandinavia, WI; William “Bobby” Rumbley of Sanford, NC

October 2014: Our newest ordained ministerial couple – John and Suzanne Hildebrandt of Viola, WI

Whew! Like a graduation roll call.  That’s why you don’t want to wait so long.

Many of you I have met; those I have not yet, welcome!  Everyone else, help me in congratulating and encouraging  these co-laboring brothers and sisters in the faith.  Some have years of ordained ministry already; others have recently received their first and only ordination with IMI.  In all cases, may each and every one of you be empowered by the LORD God Almighty to perform His work and will for you with all diligence and faithfulness.

I will be updating the PDF list soon.

Be blessed and a blessing,

– Pastor Matt Goers –

Ordination Applications Change

Grace and peace to all of God’s children and particularly those that support the vision of Impact Ministries International.

I wanted to introduce myself here to any who don’t know me, and inform the visitors to this site about changes to the ordination process and contact point for IMI Ministers.

The task of reviewing ordination applications has been performed by Pastor Steve Stauffacher, and we would like to honor him and thank him for his efforts over the past several years.  My name is Pastor Matthew Goers, and I have taken over that responsibility from Pastor Stauffacher.

The ordination applications currently have a printed message on them stating to mail the application, the referrals, and the application fee to Pastor Steve at his church office in Madison, Wisconsin.  That has changed.  From now on, please forward the applications and referral forms to me:

Impact Ministries International

Pastor Matthew Goers

11560 Juniper St. NW

Coon Rapids, MN 55448

The application fees should be sent to:

Impact Ministries International

Attn: Ordination

PO Box 102

Lonsdale, MN 55046

I look forward to working further with the men and women of God whom He has called to co-labor with us in Impact Ministries International.

Blessings to you all,

– Pastor Matt –