Welcome, Barb Finley as an Ordained Minister

Grace and peace to the heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven,

I would like to welcome Barb Finley of Oskaloosa, Iowa as an ordained minister with IMI.  If you have been to the IMI cabin in Iowa, you have probably seen Barb and worshiped along with her leading.  She is being publicly ordained tonight by Tom Stamman.

May you minister with all of the power, love, and grace of our Father and glorify Him in all you do.

Please Check Your Information on the IMI Ministers List

Greetings, servants of the Most High,

Please check your information on the newly updated IMI Ministers List.  There are no street addresses on this list, but there are home cities/towns, email addresses, and phone numbers.  These may very well have changed since IMI received your information.  Please get any updates to me, and I will update the list accordingly.

Be blessed and a blessing.

Updated Ministers List and Ordination Form

Grace and peace to all of the chosen ones,

I have updated the ministers list, although I had to upload the Excel file version, because the PDF format that I saved was not in landscape layout, so it was not correct.  I will correct that soon.

Also, the Ordination Application Form now has the correct address on it.  The other forms still indicate that they should be sent to Pastor Steve Stauffacher; the reference and affiliate forms should actually be sent to Pastor Matthew Goers and the renewal forms to PO Box 102 in Lonsdale.

Be blessed and a blessing.

More Ordinations and Updates Coming Soon

Grace and peace to the ones who are seated in heavenly places and look to inherit the Kingdom,

Updates are coming soon to the ministers’ list and the forms which are on this website.

I want to congratulate and welcome Darrell Dunigan of Boilingbrook, Illinois and Judy Thepsourivong in Des Moines, Iowa as the newest ordained IMI ministers.  One more is in review right now (if you read this, you know who you are).

– Pastor Matt Goers –