Update to IMI Ministers’ List

Grace and peace to the brothers and sisters with a heart for ministry to the “least of these”.

I have just published an update to the IMI Ministers List.  Please take a look and send me any updates, especially to phone numbers and email addresses, which tend to change regularly.  I am sure that there are some contact errors; please let me know, so that we can have accurate contact information between all of our ministers.

Blessings to all of you,

Pastor Matthew Goers

Impact Ministries International MN Regional Director & Feast of Tabernacles Ministries

Newly Ordained IMI Ministers & Real Men’s Conference Last Weekend

Grace and peace to all of you.

I would like to have you welcome with me the latest additions to the IMI Ministerial family.

William “Butch” McKeen of Ankeny, Iowa

Johnne Bump of my hometown Randolph, Wisconsin.  (Which is amazing.  Randolph is a village of about 1600 people in south central Wisconsin.  That two different people who did not know each other are IMI ministers from Randolph is incredible to me.)

Welcome to the family of IMI ministers.

Also, on the IMI Ministers Facebook page, there is a link to pictures of the Real Men’s Conference, hosted by John Roberts and his ministry last weekend.  A wonderful time (although cut a little shorter than expected).

– Pastor Matt –