The IMI Ministers List

Impact Ministries International has ordained over 800 ministers around the world!

We are working to provide a platform for our ordained ministers to network with each other, share their message with the world, and publish their content in books, DVD’s, t-shirts, and the like.

Our Ministers Conferences take place in various locations throughout the year.

Heading up our ministry team:

Founder of IMI:      Rev. Tom Stamman
Co-Founder of IMI:      Dr. Teresa Stamman
Chair, Board of Directors:      Pastor Stephen Stauffacher

Regional Directors:   Rev. Emmanuel Baba-Lola & Pastor Matthew Goers

Do you want to become an ordained minister with IMI? Or, do you need to update your contact information on the list above?

Contact Us:


Or, contact Pastor Matthew directly for additional information or if you have questions.

Phone: (651) 260 – 7045

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