Agency for Speakers and Ministers

Tom and Teresa Stamman have long dreamt of an IMI Speakers Agency complete with booking agents, and an excellent process for connecting speakers and ministers with those who need that type of speaker.

To that end, a business model has been developed and a website framed up, by Christy of Stellar Influence Life Communities. You can find the website here: T-Stamman Agency (it is under construction until we find a webmaster and booking agent to run the agency and gather profiles from more speakers to add to the site.)

Are you interested in becoming a speaker? You’ll need to develop a media kit that includes a one page profile with your photo (action full body shot plus a good portrait style photo is ideal) that tells people who you are, what topics you speak about, and why they would want to book you to speak or minister. What is unique about you? How much do you charge? Your media kit should also include a DVD with video of you speaking in different contexts. You’ll want to include testimonials of people who have booked you to speak, and people who have attended one of your speaking engagements. A good cover letter is a must, that explains how to book you, and what happens at each step of the way, from the time you are booked, until the day of your speaking.

Will you speak and then leave right away? Will you minister to people through prayer? Through prophecy? Will you show any video or slide shows? If so, you’ll want to send those with your media kit, well in advance, to be sure the media system will work for you.

Take a look at some of the examples on the website under construction at  T-Stamman Agency.

Are you interested in becoming a Booking Agent? Training is available for the right person – friendly, tenacious, enthusiastic, persistent, and a good communicator. You must be able to complete a 90 day on the job training without a salary, and enjoy a commission-based position, while remaining committed and faithful and enthusiastic. Long term results can be very lucrative if you are good at building relationships over the phone. Contact us if you are interested:

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