IMI Ministers’ List Updated

It has been over a year since the IMI Ministers’ List was updated, and I have just made a long-overdue 2018 version.  This does not remove anyone from the 2017 list, only adds or updates where I have new information. Some of you who have been ordained for over a year are finally on the list now.

For others, if you see this post, please check the list and see if your information is correct.  Some of the contact info we have on file is from 2015, perhaps some earlier, so yours may not be current.  Please take the time to look.  The quickest way to get an update to me would be to text me at 651-260-7045 with your name (especially if it’s unlikely I have your number in my contact list) and all updated information.  You can also email me at; it’s just that I see text messages several times a day, but emails only a couple of times a week.

We are living in amazing days. Grace and peace to all of you,

  • Pastor Matthew Goers

IMI Ordained Ministers in 2016 & January with Renewal Reminder

Grace and peace unto all of you through God our Father and our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ,

The next calendar year (in our Gregorian calendar, anyway) is well underway.  I used to publish regular updates of the newly ordained IMI ministers.  It has been such a long time since I have done so, that I will post here all of them that have been ordained in the past year, from February 2016 – January 2017.

Joni Bennett of Sioux City, Iowa

Dr. Hughes Waka Waka of Cameroon

Jesse Christofferson of Waukesha, Wisconsin

Crystal Ortiz, also of Waukesha, Wisconsin

Susan Roux Seep of Cazenovia, Wisconsin

Esther “Cecilia” Sam-Jackson of Marshfield, Wisconsin

Michael Bowen of Amery, Wisconsin

Brian Gray & Cathy Gray of Lihue, Hawaii

Don Eagan of Marysville, Washington

Jason Lundmark & (later) Amy Lundmark of Martinton, Illinois

David Fox of Shawnee, Kansas

Melody Benande of Waukesha, Wisconsin

Brad Strickland & Amy Strickland of Fort Dodge, Iowa

Dale Eickhoff of (? – I’ll have to check, can’t seem to find hometown now)

Calvin Farmer of Pipestone, MN

One more that I just reviewed will be added to the list shortly.

Please help me in welcoming these brothers and sisters and fellowlaborers in the gospel.  May the King of kings grant them grace and empower them to represent Him well to all around them.


I wish to add a reminder that, if you have not already done so, renewal of IMI for all ministers is up.  Please send renewal information and annual amount to PO Box 102, Lonsdale, MN 55046.


Also, to anyone in Wisconsin (or nearby states and willing to travel a little), IMI will be having a ministers’ conference at New Life Assembly of God in Reedsburg, WI on Saturday, February 4.  Come gather together with other IMI ministers in the area and hear what is on their hearts and happening in their lives.


May the love of God be so undeniably established in your hearts that you show forth His love with all confidence in everything you do.


  • Matthew Goers
  • IMI Regional Director

New Ordinations of IMI Ministers

I would like to congratulate and welcome the following ministers to the fellowship of Impact Ministries International.  May your service to the King of Kings be pleasing, be fruitful, and help to build up the Body in these last days.  Be encouraged and we look forward to opportunities to minister and partner with you.

Kenneth Speck of Conway, AR

David Diehl of Janesville, WI

Cesar Bautista of  Cicero, IL

Please join me in welcoming, encouraging, and blessing these brothers in the work of our LORD.

  • Pastor Matt –

Summer Ordinations

Grace and peace to all of you.

It was a blessing to be able to see many of you again at the International Conference in West Union at the beginning of this month.  At that conference, some of the latest ordained ministers in IMI were publicly installed and prayed for.

Congratulations to:

Cheryl Butz of North Saint Paul, Minnesota

Joshua Gillespie of Kansas City, Missouri (soon to be married to Paola Bendeck)

Paola Bendeck of Grandview, Missouri (soon to be married to Joshua Gillespie)

Pastor Roland Burt of Byron, Minnesota

In addition, Emmanuel Baba-Lola of Rochester, Minnesota (by way of Ireland and Nigeria) was named as a regional director of Impact Ministries International.

Blessings to and the outflow of the love and grace of our LORD from each of these ministers of the gospel.

May and June Ordinations

Grace and peace to you all,

Much personal life upheaval of late, so I have not updated here since late April.

Impact Ministries International welcomed two newly ordained ministers in May and three more in June.  Help me in welcoming and praying for:

Fletcher Larson of Portage, Wisconsin (who is currently on a missions trip in Nepal and seeing powerful manifestations of our Father’s power and love)

Jason Vana of Monmouth, Illinois

John Benton of Machesney Park, Illinois

Jared Pierson of Portage, Wisconsin

Sue Duhrkopf of Waterloo, Iowa

Welcome to all of you, and may the grace of our Father flow to you in everything and every way and out of you to everyone in need.

– Pastor Matt –

Newly Ordained IMI Ministers & Real Men’s Conference Last Weekend

Grace and peace to all of you.

I would like to have you welcome with me the latest additions to the IMI Ministerial family.

William “Butch” McKeen of Ankeny, Iowa

Johnne Bump of my hometown Randolph, Wisconsin.  (Which is amazing.  Randolph is a village of about 1600 people in south central Wisconsin.  That two different people who did not know each other are IMI ministers from Randolph is incredible to me.)

Welcome to the family of IMI ministers.

Also, on the IMI Ministers Facebook page, there is a link to pictures of the Real Men’s Conference, hosted by John Roberts and his ministry last weekend.  A wonderful time (although cut a little shorter than expected).

– Pastor Matt –

First Quarter 2015 Newly Ordained IMI Ministers

Grace and peace to all of you,

I see that I have not announced any new ministers welcomed to the IMI family since last November.  So, please welcome:

William Jackson of Raymore, Missouri

Lila Shutt of Des Moines, Iowa

Jim Nygaard of Scandinavia, Wisconsin

David Nix, Beth Garrett, and Ginny Ostermeier of Pipestone, Minnesota

Douglas McCullough of Gorman, Texas

May you each flow with the grace and power of our LORD in everything you do.

– Pastor Matt –

2015 Renewal Reminder

Welcome, brothers and sisters, fellowlaborers in the Kingdom of our LORD, to a new year on our calendar.  I pray that those of you in the northern part of the US, as I am, are staying warm.

Just a reminder to all that renewal for ministry in Impact Ministries International is due this month.

In this hour, our Father is calling and gathering His people together.  I pray that each of you value your inclusion with the ministers who remember the widows and orphans and come together to hear the Heart and Voice of the LORD.  If you have not engaged with the other ministers of IMI for some time, I pray that the LORD lay on your heart to do so in 2015.  The days to encourage one another and increase our unity in Him are here.

May all be blessed and a blessing in 2015!

– Pastor Matthew Goers –

Updated Ministers List and Ordination Form

Grace and peace to all of the chosen ones,

I have updated the ministers list, although I had to upload the Excel file version, because the PDF format that I saved was not in landscape layout, so it was not correct.  I will correct that soon.

Also, the Ordination Application Form now has the correct address on it.  The other forms still indicate that they should be sent to Pastor Steve Stauffacher; the reference and affiliate forms should actually be sent to Pastor Matthew Goers and the renewal forms to PO Box 102 in Lonsdale.

Be blessed and a blessing.

More Ordinations and Updates Coming Soon

Grace and peace to the ones who are seated in heavenly places and look to inherit the Kingdom,

Updates are coming soon to the ministers’ list and the forms which are on this website.

I want to congratulate and welcome Darrell Dunigan of Boilingbrook, Illinois and Judy Thepsourivong in Des Moines, Iowa as the newest ordained IMI ministers.  One more is in review right now (if you read this, you know who you are).

– Pastor Matt Goers –