Pastor Stephen Stauffacher

Pastor Steve and Holly

Pastor Stephen Stauffacher is the senior pastor of Capitoland Christian Center, a growing body of believers in Madison, WI.

He is the founder of “Changing Your World Ministry,” and the Vice President of Impact Ministry International (IMI). Pastor Steve’s messages have an outstanding practical application which he has put in a simple biblical perspective.

Pastor Steve graduated from Darlington High School, Wisconsin; he received a B.A in Christian Education from Central Bible College and an M.A and Doctorate in Christian Education and Psychology from Faith Baptist College and Seminary.

Throughout 30 years of ministry time he has impacted thousands of people all over the world, from Asia, Africa, Europe, and Central America. He is passionate to see and help people fulfill the call that God placed on their lives. He has sent out many ministers and pastors to preach the Gospel and plant churches all over Wisconsin, as well as, serving in the mission field.

Today he lives in Madison, with his wife Holly. He continues to travel to the mission field and oversees the branch churches in the Mid-West.

2 thoughts on “Pastor Stephen Stauffacher

  1. Pastor Steve, hi my name is Kurt Verhoeven the former Pastor of John and Heather Roberts. John and Heather are going through the application to be ordained through IMI and have asked me to give them my recommendation.
    Would you please email me the paperwork at when you have an opportunity or call me at #262-903-4568. Thanks much!

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