Rev. Tom and Dr. Teresa Stamman



Today you can find Tom Stamman all over the country. God has turned Impact Ministries International into something so much more. It started when God put a special burden on Tom and Teresa’s heart for Honduras. When Tom visited Honduras he saw people starving and kids going into the garbage dumps looking for food. It was at that time that Tom knew that something had to be done. Now IMI is feeding over 10,000 children a month in 15 countries. Hundreds of kids are sponsored now thanks to those who come to Tom’s meetings and share the burden to help feed a starving child.Now IMI has feeding centers, missions, and programs in Argentina, Bangladesh, Belarus, Guatemala, Kenya, Haiti, Honduras, India, Sudan, Philippines, Cambodia, Madagascar, Guyana, and Columbia. Impact Ministries International also ordains people with a heart for ministry.

In the last few years IMI has ordained over 580 people who now serve God as pastors, teachers, missionaries, church leaders, and so much more in over thirty countries. IMI ministers are now all over the world in countries like Uganda, Honduras, and the Ukraine.

God has surely taken IMI to new areas of the world in order to minister His Gospel but also in order to give a sign of the Faith that we have in Jesus Christ. To go all over and minister in Churches so the body of Christ may be built up, while seeing the amazing miracles of God flow to people’s hearts that souls might be saved and changed, and then God takes us traveling all over the world feeding and caring for those who have never felt cared for. It surely is his work, and we are merely servants.

Since 1986 Impact Ministries International has devoted itself to winning the lost to Jesus, releasing personal prophetic over people, equipping the church to evangelize and be trained in the gifts of the Spirit, feeding the poor and planting churches.

3 thoughts on “Rev. Tom and Dr. Teresa Stamman

  1. Great thanks to Tom and Teresa who visited Kauai, Hawaii Teresa much thanks to you as you spoke to our woman of Mighty Ministries at the Aston Aloha Beach Hotel on the veranda of February 12, 2014 your word of inspiration for the woman of Destiny was awesome. you spoke on the legacy of woman in faith, love, forgiveness, and destiny which I heard God give me those revelation unto me as you spoke. My upcoming tea party for March 29, 2014 My title of that even is called Woman of Legacy, little did you know that I asked God what he wantted for me to present to the womans of this event, as you spoke by the anointing of the Holy Spirit you gave all the topics I needed for the event. Thank you again for following the direction of the Holy Spirit to speak with the womans.

    And Thank you Tom for the prophetic word given to both of us Pastor Robert and myself it was so to the point of what we currently have been experiencing. much love to you both. and look forward to seeing you both again. Also we have our orphange in India and would like for you to connect with Daniel Thipartti there. of MMI Theos India, and praying that this will be your heart to include alongside your IMI Ministries. please contact him he can be reached at +9190005295221 n +9177949066979
    Thank you and will look forward to seeing you both again on Kauai, Hawaii

    Pastor Robert & JoAnn Figaroa

  2. We are discussing the possibility of joining a local Pastor on a mission trip to obe of your locations!! My husband is a physician & would like to speak to Teresa regarding this. Please contact us. 😀

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